CE370 – Type E Pump Advisory Notice

A premature brush failure issue has been found in the CE370-07, -08, -10 Type E pumps. Work is underway to develop a procedure for inspection for the issue and a plan to repair and or replace any failing motors is underway.  Users should determine how many pumps they have that may be affected and send Power4Flight the SN and any use data on the pump (hours on it if available). We are setting up to provide replacement pumps while any suspect pumps are inspected and or the motors replaced. Work is underway to requalify with a modulation change to the pump controller in the ECU which we believe is the cause of the issue.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Power4Flight and be sure to check back here for updated info which will be posted as it becomes available.

CE370 - Type E Pump Advisory Notice

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