Customer Support

Engine Troubleshooting

Keeping the customer happy is our number one goal at Power4Flight. We take pride in our ability to quickly analyze and resolve our customers’ propulsion issues. Often times a conversation with our engine specialists will get customers back on track. If a problem persists, we can employ software tools  to analyze a customer’s field engine telemetry data from our shop. When necessary, we will travel to diagnose the engine in person as well.

Jim Doing On-Site Engine Work

Lead propulsion engineer, Jim Newton, gets to work with a customer’s engine in the field.

Mark hones in on a project with the Dyno PC.

Software Assistance

At P4F, software and engine development could not be more closely intertwined. After working with the Currawong ECU for over 6 years and now having released the IntelliJect ECU, engineered entirely in house, our knowledge of small engine EFI software is superbly comprehensive. On top of this, highly informative manuals are provided for the P4F ECU products.

Should a customer find a software, firmware or hardware obstacle they can’t overcome, our team is well-seasoned at solving all aspects of powertrain issues. The agile nature of P4F allows us to offer the highest quality EFI support in the most expedient time-frame for our customers.