Power4Flight completes cold weather and altitude testing on B29i-AXS (Corvid-29) UAV engine.

November 11, 2015 – Timberline Lodge, Mt Hood, OR

Today Power4flight completed fleet calibration, cold weather and low manifold pressure testing on the B29i-AXS (Corvid-29) 2-stroke fuel injected engine for small UAS. This testing is the culmination of a two year development cycle that included fuel and spark mapping on our motoring dynamometer, two 150 hour modified FAR 33 endurance tests, multiple batch builds of engines, and customer flight testing.

For a detailed summary of the testing and the full performance specifications see:
B29i-AXS cold weather and altitude test report
B29i AXS Engine Data Sheet

The baseline B29i and B29i-AXS have been flown on five different airframes by five different customers. To date twenty-two B29i and B29i-AXS (Corvid-29) engines have been delivered to customers.

The B29i and B29i-AXS (Corvid-29) are the product of a joint development effort between Power4Flight, Currawong Engineering and Cobra-Aero.

Note: The B29i-AXS is sold by Currawong Engineering as the Corvid-29.

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