Power4Flight Releases B100i Fuel Injected Engine

Power4Flight is announcing a new fuel injected engine: the B100i. The B100i is based on the DA100 engine from Desert Aircraft. The fuel injection system uses a custom intake assembly from Cobra Aero, and fuel injection components from Currawong Engineering. Power4Flight performed extensive dynamometer and propeller calibration to develop the fuel injection mapping.

Power4Flight B100i UAV EFI Engine

The launch aircraft for the B100i is the HQ-90 from Latitude Engineering, who are very pleased with the engines reliable operation, high power output, and low vibration. A low acoustic signature version of the engine is in development now, featuring a custom exhaust system from Cobra Aero.

UAV with B100I EFI Engine

For more information contact: Power4Flight, Cobra Aero, Currawong Engineering, Latitude Engineering

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