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UAV Engines

Power4Flight, in partnership with Currawong Engineering and Cobra Aero, specializes in the development of small engines and small UAV engine systems and accessories for applications that require high power density, unsurpassed reliability and durability, and light weight. Many of Power4Flight’s products find use in powering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) but there are many other applications for theses compact power sources.
Corvid 29 EFI Engine

Power4Flight B29i EFI UAV Engine

Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The CE367B ECU, manufactured by Currawong Engineering, provides a complete monitoring and control solution for a small fuel injected UAV engine. It can be calibrated to provide optimum performance over a wide range of engines, in a variety of configurations and sizes.

Key features include:

  • Miniaturized design
  • Mature and reliable Control Algorithms
  • Seamless UAV integration
  • Single Power Supply
  • Powerful Control Interface
  • Real time data output, including engine health data and fuel used.
  • Available with integrated fuel pump and accumulator


CE367B Engine Control Unit

CE367B Engine Control Unit

High Pressure UAV EFI Fuel Pumps

High pressure fuel pumps are an essential component of any EFI system. Miniature fuel pumps with the performance demanded by small engine EFI systems are not commonly available. Requirements include high pressure, light weight, a high level of durability, and the ability to self prime.

Mini High Pressure Fuel Pumps

The CE 370 series high pressure fuel pumps are single cylinder, positive displacement pumps. These pumps provide high pressure and high flow rates while demanding very low power to operate. The pumps are compact and light weight. A wide range of pump/motor configurations are available to address varying customer flow rate requirements.

CE370 1004 Miniature Fuel Pump

CE370 Miniature High Pressure Fuel Pump

Triplex High Pressure Metering Fuel Pumps

The triplex pump represents a substantial step forward for EFI technology in small engines. The triplex provides high-pressure regulated fuel delivery of particular application to heavy fuel and gasoline engines. Its unique phased three-piston design, combined with an integrated control system, gives very precise regulation of fuel delivery across a wide range of pressures.The triplex is an enabling technology for heavy fuel engines, providing high pressure fuel that is able to be finely atomized using Currawong’s unique atomization technology.A special feature of the pump is built-in precision measuring of fuel flow without having to rely on separate meters and other non-design-intent hardware. This feature can be used throughout system development, and is particularly useful when used with a dynamometer as Brake Specific Fuel Consumption can be easily calculated in real time.

CE822 Triplex Pump – High Pressure Version

CE822 Triplex Pump – High Pressure Version


Integrated Units

The ECU, pump and accumulator can be combined into integrated units in two ways. Firstly, the fuel pump and accumulator can be supplied as a single unit. In this case the accumulator is attached to the pump via a mounting bracket with the inlet and outlet fuel lines permanently installed.Second, the ECU, pump and accumulator can be supplied as an integrated unit with an additional bracket and permanent fuel inlet and outlet connections.Depending on the layout and available space in the engine compartment, these options enable the EFI system elements to be located to the best effect.

EFI Module

Small UAV Engine Fuel Injectors

The lightweight and compact fuel injector has been designed to suit the operation of small engines. With its integrated injector cap and reliable connectors, it is particularly suited for use in the UAV industry. The unique design of the injector produces a highly atomized fuel spray, as shown in the photograph opposite.Weight of Assembly: 33 g (1.2 oz)Length of Assembly: 53 mm (2”)

Highly Customizable

The injector plate can be configured to meet flow rate requirements for engines 10cc and larger without re-engineering. Currawong Engineering can manufacture injector plates with custom configurations to provide the flow rate required for virtually any EFI UAV engine. Options include different fuel caps, mounting flanges and electrical connectors.

Product part number: CE646-XXX

* XXX depending on configuration



UAV Engine Sensors

Currawong Engineering manufactures a wide range of UAV engine sensors of various types, two of which are shown here as they are commonly used in EFI systems.The sensors are rugged and reliable and capable of operation under high or low temperature, at various altitudes, in contaminated environments, and under vibration conditions. The resistive element used by Currawong provides a strong signal that is noise immune in contrast to thermocouples.

Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT)

This lightweight silicon resistive element temperature sensor is designed for mounting directly into the cylinder head near the combustion chamber. Sensors with various lengths and connector types are available to meet the requirement of most engine installations.

Manifold Air Temperature (MAT)

This resistive element temperature sensor is designed for monitoring intake manifold air temperature, and is particularly intended for use in the UAV industry. Sensors with various lengths and connector types are available to meet the requirement of most engine installations.

CE214 Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Sensor

CE214 Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Sensor

CE215 Manifold AIr Temperature (MAT) Sensor

CE215 Manifold AIr Temperature (MAT) Sensor

UAV Ignition Systems

The CE432 series of ignition units are lightweight and compact capacitor discharge ignition systems.The units are based on a product manufactured in Australia by Desert Aircraft Australia and feature a custom designed interface circuit which ensures reliable triggering over a wide temperature range.
CE432 CD Ignition unit (single lead unit shown, also available in two lead units)

CE432 CD Ignition unit (single lead unit shown, also available in two lead units)

Small UAV Engine Dynamometer

As part of Currawong’s commitment to providing an end-to-end solution for the use of EFI on small engines, it manufactures a high precision AC motoring engine dynamometer. It is essential to use a motoring dynamometer when performing EFI calibration as it allows all load and RPM points of the engine to be reached, including over-run (descent) conditions and low speed heavy load (starting).Performance development of small single cylinder engines on dynamometers is notoriously difficult due to the very high vibration and highly non-uniform torque characteristics of these engines. Currawong has gone to great effort to design an extremely stiff, zero-friction and tuned resonance mount for the absorber that delivers unprecedented smoothness and resolution to the torque reading. This allows for the easy determination of optimum spark advance and fueling for each mapping point.The absorber used is a Siemens AC asynchronous servo motor (induction motor) of machine tool spindle quality, rated to 12,000RPM. This high quality motor is very smooth and quiet and is controlled by an advanced closed loop vector drive with optional regeneration to deliver the power back to the mains and thus avoid the use of resistor banks.

Small Engine Dynamometer

TigerDyne Dynamometer