Currawong Engine Control Unit

CE367B Engine Control Unit

General Description: The ECU, developed by Currawong Engineering, is the perfect choice for integration into small UAV platforms. Its aerospace quality design with EMI shielded aluminum body provides superb physical and electrical protection. Based on a well proven, high performance automotive ECU core with over ten thousand units in the field, this is a tiny, reliable system which provides complete control of a fuel injected engine. It can be calibrated to provide optimum performance over a wide range of engines, in a variety of configurations and sizes.Mature, Reliable Control Algorithms: The engine control algorithms implemented in the ECU are based on the very mature Autronic SM4 platform. This platform uses a patented control strategy specifically targeted for use on multi-throttled and low-manifold vacuum engines, with excellent performance achieved for two stroke engines. The Autronic code base has been used successfully in the automotive market for many years, with thousands in the field. It has been proven across all types of engines, and provides a well-developed, sophisticated and reliable engine control solution.
Seamless UAV Integration: This established ECU platform is complemented by the UAV-specific functionality developed by Currawong Engineering and Power4Flight. This includes barometric pressure sensing, a complete throttle position and pump control solution, and UAV-targeted telemetry and control available on both serial and CAN (Controller Area Network) interfaces. The ECU features plug and play compatibility with Cloud Cap Technology Piccolo avionics.Single Power Supply: The ECU provides a single-supply solution, with integrated high-power injector and ignition drivers, servo control of throttle position, and closed-loop fuel pump control, and a 6V supply for use with throttle servos and ignition units. All sensors and control systems connect directly to the ECU, which even includes high-power drivers for added GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) ports.A Complete Solution: The ECU is a complete engine management system designed to meet the demanding requirements of fuel-injected UAV platforms. It features a full complement of sensors and integrated power electronics and is ready to integrate into your UAV platform.


  • Miniaturized design with shielded aluminum enclosure
  • Single supply solution – provides power for the entire engine management system
  • Suited for a wide range of engines, 2/4 stroke, reciprocating or Wankel, with multiple cylinders
  • Based on a mature high performance automotive core
  • Support for two injectors (up to eight with expansion)
  • Engine management functionality targeted specifically for UAV industry
  • Full complement of sensors provides real time engine monitoring capabilities
  • CAN and Serial (RS232) interface for calibration, control, and telemetry
  • Integration with Piccolo avionics (Cloud Cap Technology)
  • Advanced PC Interfaces for test and development
  • Highly configurable engine parameter tables
  • Complete low level calibration of ECU operation
  • Features GPIO for custom applications
UAV Engine Control Unit



  • Crank position
  • Engine RPM
  • Throttle position
  • Manifold temperature
  • Cylinder head temperature
  • Fuel pressure
  • Manifold pressure
  • Barometric pressure

Control Systems

The ECU provides direct control of a number of key engine management systems, including:

  • Servo control of throttle position
  • Fuel pump control loop for pressure regulation
  • Fuel injection timing
  • Spark ignition timing


Voltage:      8 – 20 V operation

Power:        < 8W at full operation*
* Power required to run ECU, injectors, ignition, pump system, throttle control and all sensors.


Length: 66 mm (2.6″)

Width: 61 mm (2.4″)

Height: 16 mm (0.6″)

Weight: 60 g (2.5 oz)

Product part number: CE367B

Data Sheet: 

Integrated EFI Units

Power4Flight’s ECUs, Mini Fuel Pumps and Accumulators may be supplied as either stand alone items or as integrated EFI Units. The most common arrangement is for the mini pump and fuel pressure accumulator to be supplied as an assembly with pump/accumulator plumbing in place. The ECU, pump and accumulator may also be supplied as a single assembly.There are two standard options:

  • CE1047 comprising the CE370 series mini fuel pump and the CE426 fuel pressure accumulator
  • CE443 comprising the ECU, pump and accumulator.


Integrated EFI Engine Module

Data Sheet: