Ignition Systems

CE432 Series of Ignition Units

General DescriptionThe CE432 series of ignition units are lightweight and compact capacitor discharge ignition systems.The units are based on a product manufactured in Australia by Desert Aircraft Australia and feature a custom designed interface circuit which ensures reliable triggering over a wide temperature range.


Square wave pulse. The ignition triggers on the positive-going edge.Minimum pulse duration 1milli second.


This is an “instant fire” unit (no built-in auto advance).


30 KV pulse to spark plug.

Dimensions (not including cables):

Length: 65mm, Width: 38mm, Height: 27mm

Weight (including spark plug lead):

100 grams (3.5 oz)

CD 432 CD Ignition Unit

CE432 Capacitive Discharge Ignition unit, single lead version



CE432 CD Ignition Unit Twin Lead

CE432-02 Capacitive Discharge Ignition Unit, twin lead version