Miniature Fuel Pumps

CE370 Series High Pressure Fuel Pump

The CE 370 series high pressure miniature fuel pumps are single cylinder, positive displacement pumps. These pumps provide high pressure and high flow rates but require very low power to operate. The pumps are of compact design and have very low weight.  A wide range of pump/motor configurations are available to address varying customer flow rate requirements.The principal features are:

  • Positive displacement piston pump
  • Self priming
  • The body acts as a built-in header tank
  • Efficient pumping up too the vapour limit of the fuel
  • Compact low weight design
  • All aluminium body (7075 series Aluminium)
  • Integrate directly with the Currawong ECU and fuel pressure accumulator
  • Horizontal or vertical mount
  • Compatible with heavy fuels
  • Excellent performance in low pressure scavenging applications
  • Rated to over 700 hours operation
  • Flow rates up to 120g/min

Our fuel pumps, although developed to provide a reliable fuel flow for EFI systems, have a wider range of applications than just for EFI.  Conventional fuel systems using carburetors are susceptible to fuel flow interruptions arising from operation in a three dimensional environment and require positive displacement, self priming pumps to assure reliable fuel supply.


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