Power4Flight IntelliJect EFI

IntelliJect is an electronic fuel injection system designed by Power4Flight specifically for use in small engine aerospace applications.

Hardware Features

  • Onboard power conditioning (8-30 Volts in)
  • Dual injector outputs with fault detection
  • Dual CDI ignition output
  • Fuel pump control output
  • PWM outputs for throttle and cowl flap control
  • Manifold pressure sensors
  • Dual redundant barometric pressure sensor
  • Dual redundant crank sense inputs
  • Dual redundant CHT sensor inputs
  • Manifold air temperature input
  • Fuel pressure input
  • Analog and PWM throttle position or command input
  • CAN, USB, and Serial communications
  • Onboard SD card data logging
  • Compatible with Currawong EFI accessories
  • Weight:
    • Board Only: 29.0g (1.02oz)
    • With Enclosure: 71.3g (2.51oz)
  • Size:
    • Board Only: 45mm x 75mm (1.77” x 2.95”)
    • With Enclosure: 48mm x 79mm (1.89” x 3.11”)
IntelliJect EFI System with enclosure

IntelliJect EFI System with Enclosure

IntelliJect EFI System without Enclosure

IntelliJect EFI System Without Enclosure

Software Features

  • Highly configurable for a variety of engine types (two-stroke, four-stroke, triples, twins and singles)
  • Seamless integration with third party systems, particularly flight controllers
  • Free communications ICD and software developers kit
  • Multiple communication protocols supported
  • Sophisticated and robust firmware designed for high reliability aerospace applications
  • Choice of alpha-n or speed-density fuel injection with multi-variable compensation
  • Direct throttle command, RPM control, or throttle sensing
  • Configurable throttle limiting based on temperature and/or speed
  • Spark and injection interruption for rev limiting
  • Injector skipping to improve injector dynamic range
  • Closed loop cooling control using CHT sensors
  • Fuel pump control using proportional or bang-bang fuel pressure feedback
  • Fault detection and correction for Baro, MAT, MAP, CHT, fuel pressure, and crank sense
  • Onboard electronic log-booking and maintenance tracking

IntelliJect Price $2600 USD

  • Includes Enclosure
  • Volume Discounts Available

IntelliJect OEM Price $2000 USD

  • Volume discounts available

Intelli<em>Ject</em> EFI Hardware and Software System For Use In Small Engine Aerospace Applications

The IntelliJect display software is a development tool used to configure the IntelliJect, test engines, and develop software that interfaces with the IntelliJect. It is freely available from Power4Flight.