Power4Flight IntelliJect EFI

IntelliJect is an electronic fuel injection system designed by Power4Flight specifically for use in small engine aerospace applications. Currently shipping to beta customers with software version 1.3 which mainly addresses handling failure modes. IntelliJect recently finished a successful run of the B100i FAR 33 150 Hour endurance test.

Hardware Features

  • Onboard power conditioning (8-30 Volts in)
  • Dual injector outputs with fault detection
  • Dual CDI (or single inductive) ignition output
  • Fuel pump control output
  • PWM outputs for throttle and cowl flap control
  • Manifold and barometric pressure sensors
  • Dual redundant crank sense inputs (or VRS)
  • Dual redundant CHT sensor inputs
  • Manifold air temperature input
  • Fuel pressure input
  • Analog and PWM throttle position input
  • CAN, USB, and Serial communications
  • Compatible with Currawong EFI accessories
  • Weight:
    • Board Only: 29.0g (1.02oz)
    • With Enclosure: 71.3g (2.51oz)
  • Size:
    • Board Only: 45mm x 75mm (1.77” x 2.95”)
    • With Enclosure: 51.4mm x 80.4mm (2.03’ x 3.17”)
IntelliJect EFI System with enclosure

IntelliJect EFI System with Enclosure

IntelliJect EFI System without Enclosure

IntelliJect EFI System Without Enclosure

Software Features

  • Highly configurable for a variety of engine types (two-stroke, four-stroke, twins and singles)
  • Designed to be integrated with third party systems, particularly flight controllers
  • Freely available communications specification and software developers kit
  • Sophisticated and robust firmware designed for high reliability aerospace applications
  • Choice of alpha-n or speed-density fuel injection with multi-variable compensation
  • Direct throttle command, RPM control, or throttle sensing
  • Configurable throttle limiting based on temperature and/or speed
  • Spark and injection interruption for rev limiting
  • Injector skipping to improve injector dynamic range
  • Fuel pump control using proportional or bang-bang fuel pressure feedback
  • Fault detection and correction for MAT, MAP, CHT, fuel pressure, and crank sense
  • Freely available user interface for engine and configuration development

IntelliJect Price $2600 USD

  • Includes Enclosure
  • Volume Discounts Available

IntelliJect OEM Price $2000 USD

  • Volume discounts available

Intelli<em>Ject</em> EFI Hardware and Software System For Use In Small Engine Aerospace Applications

The IntelliJect display software is a development tool used to configure the IntelliJect, test engines, and develop software that interfaces with the IntelliJect. It is freely available from Power4Flight.