UAV Engine Systems

The UAV Engine Challenge

UAV manufacturers face a substantial challenge in powering small to medium size UAVs. In comparison to the advances made in autopilot and payload technology, propulsion systems have not been developed for the specific needs of the UAV industry. Power4Flight, in partnership with Currawong Engineering and Cobra Aero, has been steadily developing UAV Engine Systems technology that addresses many of the reliability, durability, and affordability issues that have plagued
our industry and kept unmanned systems from realizing their full potential. Initial efforts were focused on application specific electronic fuel injection (EFI) and pump technology. Follow on efforts have focused on assembling a development team with the skills and expertise to develop purpose built engines from scratch as well as building out the required infrastructure for development, test and production of those designs.

B29i AXS EFI Engine

B29i-AXS UAV Fuel Injected Engine

The B29i UAV Engine System is the debut offering in the Power4Flight family of EFI powertrain solutions. This engine combines high power-to-weight with low acoustic signature in a simple yet reliable propulsion module that fits a 3W-28i footprint.

B32i EFI Engine

Zenoah G320 EFI UAV Engine

The B32i is a conversion based on the Zenoah G320 engine. It has integrated shaft driven forced air cooling and a 2kW generator making it ideal for use on hovering platforms. The B32i is targeted toward hybrid electric propulsion applications.

B35i EFI Engine

B35i EFI UAV Engine

The B35i is our latest EFI conversion based on the DA35 engine core. It has an impressive power to weight ratio and the ability to swing a wide range of props.

B50i EFI Engine

B50i EFI UAV Engine

The B50i UAV Engine is the newest two stroke engine system co-developed by Currawong and Power4Flight, beginning production in June 2016.

A33i EFI Engine

A33 UAV Engine

Coming Soon

The A33i UAV Engine System is an aerospace grade form-fit-function upgrade for the B29i. Rather than being adapted from commercial engine offerings the A33 is designed from the ground up by Cobra Aero to meet the demanding requirements of UAV applications.