B150i UAV EFI Engine System

Summary Specifications

Engine Type: Forced air-cooled 2-stroke twin
Displacement: 150 cc (9.15 ci)
Weight: 4.3 kg (9.48 lbs)
Power (7000 RPM): 7.5 kW (10 hp)
BSFC (5000 – 7000 RPM): 470 g/kW-hr (.78 lb/hp-hr)
Fuel Type: Gasoline, 50:1 Premix

The key features of this system are:

  • Low Vibration: Opposed twin layout for greatly reduced primary vibration
  • Reliability: Four-bearing crankshaft and high rod/stroke ratio for reduced stress
  • Flexibility: Dedicated PTO, dual spark option, side induction.
  • Compatibility: Readily integrates with flight control systems; available with Currawong ECU or Power4Flight IntelliJect EFI.

Data sheet:

B150i EFI engine

Engine power vs RPM at different throttles shown in black/grey. Sample propeller power curve shown in blue.