B35i UAV EFI Engine

B35i EFI Engine System Overview

The B35i is our latest EFI conversion based on the DA35 engine core. It has an impressive power to weight ratio and the ability to swing a wide range of props – It was tested with a 16×14, 18×14, 20×10, and a 22×10. It can be fitted with a Sullivan direct drive generator. Future options will include the belt driven 250 Watt Maxon generator and a custom low acoustic signature exhaust.

Summary Specifications

Engine Type:  Air-cooled 2-stroke single
Displacement:  35 cc (2.14 ci)
Weight:  2.1 kg (4.6 lb)
Power Output:  2.3 kW (3.1 hp) at 8000 RPM
Fuel Consumption:  450-500 g/kW-hr (.74-.82 lb/hp-hr) at cruise
B35i UAV EFI Engine

B35i Electronic Fuel Injected UAV Engine

B35i EFI Engine Power With Side Mount Muffler

B35i Power with side mount muffler